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October 13, 2023

How Top Brands are Engaging in the Metaverse

Author: Georgia-lorene MacEbong

Curated resources about brands that are already doing it

In an age where digital realms are becoming as significant as physical reality, the Metaverse has emerged as a new frontier for brands aiming to redefine customer engagement. As the metaverse gains traction, brands seek to tap into new immersive experiences and create a last impression in the minds of their consumers.

This curated compilation delves into how pioneering brands are exploring the Metaverse, the new-age challenges they’re navigating, and the unique strategies they’re employing to establish a strong foothold in this digital expanse. These insights are gleaned from the omnichannel content source Omnichannel X, business consultants at Gartner, business analysts at Forbes, data and research experts at Insider Intelligence, and media experts at Adweek, all aimed at demystifying the Metaverse landscape for businesses across the spectrum.

What’s Inside: 

  • IKEA and their Human-centric Approach to the Metaverse – a podcast episode by Omnichannel X (30mins)
  • How to Prepare for the Metaverse – a podcast episode by Gartner (22 mins)
  • Imagining How The Metaverse Will Change Marketing – an article by Forbes (4 min read)
  • Marketing in the Metaverse: Actionable Insights for Brands and Retailers – a webinar by Insider Intelligence (45mins)
  • Metaverse Marketing Podcast: New Customer Journeys – a podcast episode by Adweek X (30mins)

Ready to dive into the Metaverse?

IKEA and their Human-centric Approach to the Metaverse → Listen Here


This conversation with Timi Stoop-Alcala, the Principal Content Strategist at IKEA, sheds light on the company’s nuanced approach towards the Metaverse. In a world where digital interactions are becoming impersonal, IKEA aims to bring a human-centric touch to its Metaverse endeavors.

This discussion navigates through what the Metaverse implies for daily operations and underscores the importance of sparking curiosity about this new digital realm among the masses. IKEA’s strategy is to blend the virtual with the real seamlessly, ensuring that the human element remains intact in digital interactions. Take the time to listen to this episode and see how IKEA is creating a more immersive experience for its brand. This is a 2-part series. Here’s a link to the second half of the conversation: IKEA, and their human-centric approach to the Metaverse.

How to Prepare for the Metaverse → Listen Here


In this insightful conversation, Tuong Nguyen and Robert Hetu from Gartner unravel the preparatory steps for brands eyeing a venture into the Metaverse. They delve into critical aspects such as understanding the underlying technology, aligning organizational objectives, and setting realistic expectations.

They highlight that preparation is essential for brands to harness the myriad of opportunities the Metaverse presents effectively. This episode serves as a primer for early adopters, illuminating the pathway toward a successful Metaverse engagement. It is an insightful listen for business leaders irrespective of their stage in the Metaverse journey.

Imagining How The Metaverse Will Change Marketing → Read Here


This Forbes piece articulates the revolutionary potential of the Metaverse in redefining marketing landscapes. Drawing parallels with the significant shifts brought about by the advent of the internet and smartphones, the article projects a similar, if not larger, impact by the Metaverse. By 2026, a substantial portion of global individuals is predicted to spend a considerable amount of daily time in the Metaverse, propelling its market value to an astounding $800 billion by 2024.

The article emphasizes migrating browser-centric to immersive Metaverse interfaces, unlocking more profound levels of brand immersion and enhanced customer interaction. It also foresees the evolution of personalized e-commerce platforms and more engaging brand ambassador interactions in the Metaverse. It is a remarkably insightful read as companies plan their operations for 2024 and beyond.

Marketing in the Metaverse: Actionable Insights for Brands and Retailers →Watch Here


In this enlightening webinar by Insider Intelligence, Jeremy Goldman and Jasmine Enberg dissect marketing mechanics in the Metaverse. Drawing from examples of brands like Nike, Wendy’s, Coca-Cola, and Ralph Lauren, they elucidate how these industry leaders engage consumers in virtual worlds.

The discussions revolve around the economic impact, projected to touch $3 trillion by 2031, and how immersive games form the bedrock of the Metaverse. The insights provided are geared towards equipping marketers with the know-how to engage in virtual worlds effectively before their competitors gain a stronghold.

Metaverse Marketing Podcast: New Customer Journeys → Listen Here


This episode of Metaverse Marketing dives into the quintessence of evolving customer journeys in the Metaverse. It explores how the fusion of the Metaverse and Web3 technologies is helping brands devise new customer engagement strategies.

The discourse also touches on how these digital advancements can help brands reinvigorate their image and align better with the evolving preferences of newer generations. The episode underscores the imperative of staying updated with fresh perspectives to foster collaboration and growth in the Metaverse landscape—a must-listen for marketing professionals and business leaders.


The voyage into the Metaverse is laden with both challenges and opportunities. As the digital frontier expands, brands like IKEA, Nike, and Wendy’s are pioneering the journey and unveiling a plethora of learnings for others eyeing this digital reality.

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