How Hugo Helped Yardzen Reimagine Landscapes

Author: Andrea Okonkwo

Yardzen, an online landscape design firm, leverages cutting-edge technology and visual media to craft bespoke yard designs for clients across the United States. Seamlessly linking homeowners with contractors from their professional network, Yardzen ensures that each project transforms from a virtual blueprint to reality without the need for on-site visits.

Yardzen is revolutionizing the way Americans design their outdoor spaces. Facing rapid expansion, Yardzen encountered challenges in scaling its unique service efficiently. To address this, they sought assistance from Hugo, who provided essential support in enhancing their operational capabilities.

The Challenge: Delivering a Seamless Customer Experience

When it came to scaling its unique service, Yardzen faced a challenge: delivering an equally frictionless customer experience to match the seamless design of its technology.” We saw increasing wait times and a growing backlog of tickets that jeopardized the platform’s positioning as an easy path to your dream backyard,” shares Yardzen’s CX Lead. This is where Hugo stepped in, providing strong frontline customer support to uphold a quality experience end-to-end.

Issue Resolution at Scale

To keep pace with high volumes, Hugo rapidly assembled specialized support teams with domain expertise in landscaping and construction and deep experience handling intricate customer issues.

Beyond team construction, Hugo adopted a highly structured and customer-centric support process characterized by thorough training, continuous feedback loops, and an unwavering focus on aligning with client values. This enabled Hugo to provide exceptional, consistent service seamlessly integrated with Yardzen’s mission and operational dynamics.

In a matter of weeks, the Hugo team achieved:

  • Efficient Ticket Resolution: The team handled over 6,000 inquiries, with 1,300+ emails and 3,900+ chat tickets resolved, embodying efficiency and dedication.
  • Impressive Service Level Agreements (SLAs): With an average response time of 34 seconds, the team significantly outperformed the 60-second target, showcasing a commitment to rapid service.
  • Consistently High Customer Satisfaction: Maintaining a 96% customer satisfaction rate, Hugo’s agents weren’t just fast but highly effective.
  • Exemplary Quality Score: Averaging a 97% quality score, the team consistently delivered top-tier service, reflecting a deep understanding of Yardzen’s customer needs.

“Working with Hugo has absolutely helped Yardzen reach new heights,” says Storm Temple, from Yardzen’s CX Team.

It was a relief knowing we had a skilled team to work hand-in-hand with to deliver great customer experiences
Expanding Support: Powering Frictionless Growth

With outstanding frontline support results, Yardzen expanded Hugo’s scope of work to include back-office digital operations. By managing the often mundane but mission-critical tasks, Hugo freed up the Yardzen team to focus on its core activities– design and innovation.

“Hugo lets us concentrate on our strengths – they handle key tasks we just couldn’t get to,” Lindsey Peterson on Yardzen’s Design Team explains. “Their support has allowed me to invest in areas of my role I didn’t previously have the capacity to take on.”

One crucial task Hugo took on was scaling SMS outreach and the vetting process to grow Yardzen’s contractor network. Hugo leveraged a combination of proven process optimization systems and automation to streamline workflows and improve task management to achieve this.

“With little, to no supervision, the Hugo team quickly ramped up to sending over 9,000 personalized SMS messages weekly. When I think about working with Hugo, I feel a sense of relief that they have it all taken care of,” says Mckenna Alm, also on Yardzen’s Design Team. Within three months, Hugo had expanded Yardzen’s contractor network by 80%.

As Hugo took charge of critical customer touchpoints and back-office operations, the Yardzen team could concentrate on what they do best: reimagining landscapes and turning backyards into personalized sanctuaries.

A Partnership Aligned

Yardzen’s journey with Hugo is mission-driven: “Our work is about more than just landscaping – it’s about creating sanctuaries,” Mckenna reflects. “What I love most about working with Hugo is that the interactions I have with the team embody this idea– the agents are not only smart but also very kind. It’s always a pleasure to work with them.”