August 16, 2023

Video Transcription That Boosts Your Brand and CX

Author: Sainna Christian

Adding video transcripts, captions, and subtitles has become crucial for boosting visibility, accessibility, and engagement for brands. This comprehensive guide explores how outsourced video transcription can elevate customer experiences, key capabilities to look for in an ideal partner, and tips for getting started.

The Multifold Benefits of Video Transcription

Video is an increasingly popular and high-impact medium for customer education, support, testimonials, tutorials, and other branding. However, video alone has limitations that can hinder potential reach and usability. Professional video transcription services help overcome this by providing the following:

  • Increased Findability: Text transcripts help search engines properly index and understand video content. This results in improved online discovery and direct traffic to videos.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Closed captions and text transcripts make videos consumable for people with vision, hearing, or cognitive impairments. It also enables viewing in loud environments.
  • Higher Engagement: 92% of viewers watch videos with the sound off. Text transcripts are crucial for complete comprehension without audio. Transcripts also aid online skimming and sharing of videos.
  • Multilingual Reach: Transcripts can be translated cost-effectively to unlock global brand audiences. This significantly expands reach and representation.

The bottom line is that professionally executed video transcription provides invaluable benefits across engagement, inclusion, brand visibility, traffic, and revenue.

Finding an Ideal Outsourcing Partner for Video Transcription

Executing highly accurate and timely video transcription in-house requires extensive software, tools, and human effort. Partnering with a specialized outsourcing provider offers immense advantages:

  • Skilled Human Transcription: Accuracy through trained professionals adept at flawlessly creating time-stamped closed captions and transcripts.
  • Rapid Turnaround at Scale: Quick subtitling and transcription even for extensive video libraries with tight deadlines.
  • Multilingual Transcription Abilities: Transcriptions provided in 100+ languages to reach wider global brand audiences.
  • Advanced Speech-to-Text Technology: Automation and AI for accelerated workflows, cost savings, and adaptability to audio quality.
  • Top-Tier Data Security: Protect sensitive brand video data through encryption, access controls, and protocols like SOC 2.
  • Tailored Video Workflows: Customized processes based on your existing video workflows, formats, and content needs.
  • Ongoing Optimization: Continual improvements to quality, turnaround, and capabilities based on your input.

What to Look for in a Video Transcription Partner

Leading video transcription partners adhere to stringent quality assurance practices and oversight that enable stellar outcomes:

  • 90%+ caption/transcript accuracy upheld through multilayer quality frameworks designed for video
  • 120+ hours of video content processed weekly per transcription expert
  • Seamless integration with any video hosting platform from YouTube to Wistia to ensure convenience
  • Rapid multilingual support for commonly requested languages
  • Complete confidence in security through ironclad protocols and controls

Ideally, your provider combines technology, talent, and rigorous oversight to deliver precision video transcription at scale tailored to your needs.

Getting Started with Outsourced Video Transcription

If you want to increase your video content’s impact, the specialists at Hugo provide fully customized video-to-text services optimized for your brand, audience, and video content needs. Let’s explore how we can help you boost visibility, engagement, and inclusion through video.