How Hugo Helped Attentive Revolutionize Customer Engagement

Author: Andrea Okonkwo

Attentive is the leader in conversational commerce, revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with consumers. Focused on an SMS-first approach, their software platform helps everyone, from entrepreneurs to enterprises, strengthen relationships with their consumers in a new way.

The Challenge: Scaling Personalized Messaging

Imagine you just placed an online order with your favorite clothing brand. Now imagine getting a personal, helpful text from an employee of that brand asking if you need any help with your purchase.

That’s the vision behind Attentive – a platform delivering customized text messaging to strengthen consumer relationships for retailers and brands.

Attentive’s conversational commerce software helps businesses connect with customers in real-time via two-way SMS messaging. But scaling high-quality, automated, yet personalized support across large consumer bases posed challenges.

The Solution: Flexible Scaling for Flawless Support

Attentive required a partner capable of providing excellent 24/7 customer service at scale across a large and rapidly growing user base.

After a thorough vendor evaluation and a risk-free pilot, Hugo stood out as uniquely qualified to meet these needs. In particular, proven expertise staffing niche verticals like conversational commerce gave Attentive confidence in Hugo’s recruiting. With a delivery network across Africa and North America, Hugo was able to ensure round-the-clock support coverage.

Just as importantly, Hugo demonstrated the ability to elastically scale up and down in sync with Attentive’s evolving business needs. Hugo’s seasoned recruiting machine could quickly train and deploy new agents within days to handle spikes in demand from promotions or expansion into new markets. Meanwhile, agile management practices enabled smooth downsizing during slower seasonal periods.

This combination of robust initial resourcing, expansive 24/7 coverage, and flexible scaling capability made Hugo the ideal partner to provide Attentive with reliable, high-quality support ready to adapt to any curveballs thrown their way.

The Results: Raising The Bar For Conversational Commerce

The Hugo team impressed out of the gate, surpassing Attentive’s rigorous training benchmarks. 90% of agents passed onboarding versus the standard 60% rate. Hugo’s recruiting ensures access to uniquely skilled, highly motivated workers. Dedicated learning & development teams accelerate agent proficiency. Streamlined management means max productivity.

This translated to incredibly fast output – often rivaling AI systems – but with the discernment, nuance, and empathy only humans can provide. “We were amazed at how quickly Hugo’s team ramped up and started delivering incredible response times without any drop in quality,” recalls John Smith, Attentive’s Customer Operations Lead.

Once deployed, Hugo’s performance exceeded all expectations:

  • Response rates averaged 33 messages per hour, 18% above the target
  • Skip rates averaged just 4%, significantly lower than the 15% threshold
  • Quality error rates came in at 0.09%, dramatically under the 1% goal
Ongoing Excellence

Beyond the numbers, Hugo’s agents have built trust through friendly, knowledgeable conversations. Customers feel cared for as individuals, not transactions, John explained.

Feedback has been tremendously positive...Customers can't believe the responsive, personal support they receive over text messaging.

Hugo has maintained stellar service levels while handling increased contact volume:

  • 26,258 total chats handled
  • 103,228 chats successfully closed
  • 308,204 personalized outbound messages sent

“We’re just scratching the surface of this technology’s potential,” predicts John Smith. “Together with Hugo, we’ll set the standard for how brands engage with customers in the messaging era.”

With Hugo’s help, Attentive is realizing its vision of messaging that matters – convenient, personalized interactions that strengthen consumer loyalty.

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