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April 12, 2024

The Next Big Thing – April 2024

Author: Georgia-lorene MacEbong

Strategic Alliances: Apple and AI

According to Bloomberg, Apple and Google, the tech world’s on-again, off-again couple, are discussing a potential partnership that would allow Apple to license Google’s AI for iPhones and other iDevices.

Of course, this isn’t the first time these two have tangoed. Google currently shells out a whopping $18 billion a year to be the default search engine on Apple devices, a deal that has raised some eyebrows among regulatory bodies. With this new AI partnership, authorities might be reaching for their antitrust rulebooks.

But wait, there’s a plot twist! Apple has also been spotted canoodling with OpenAI, making this a full-blown AI love triangle. As investors eagerly await the outcome, they’ve already given the potential deal a thumbs up, with Apple and Google shares enjoying a nice bump.

However, some see this partnership as a sign that Apple’s own AI efforts have been a bit lackluster diminishing its reputation as the ultimate growth asset. Will this be the move that helps Apple maintain its tech crown, or will it be a case of too little, too late?
As the AI race heats up, one thing’s for sure: these tech giants are pulling out all the stops to come out on top.
Grab your popcorn, folks, because this Silicon Valley soap opera is just getting started!

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Reinventing the Wheel: How EVs are Transforming the Tire Industry

Look who’s stealing the spotlight in the electric vehicle (EV) revolution – it’s none other than the humble tire!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set a new emissions rule requiring car manufacturers to have 50% of their new vehicles be electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030, a significant increase from last year’s 7.6%. This is great news for Mother Earth, but an even bigger win for the tire industry. Why? EVs have a higher tire replacement frequency due to the extra weight from their batteries, requiring new tires every 15,000 miles compared to the 50,000 miles for traditional gas-powered cars.

With each tire costing around $400, this increased wear and tear translates to a whopping 20% boost in tire sales. And here’s the kicker: EV owners are actually willing to pay 50% more for tires that can squeeze out a few extra miles of range. As a result of the EPA’s new rules driving a surge in electric car sales, the tire industry is positioned to experience significant growth. The once-overlooked tire has now become a critical component in the EV experience, with owners carefully selecting the perfect tire to maximize their vehicle’s range and performance.

The tire industry is poised to ride this wave to the bank!

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Spotify just “zucked” TikTok with this new feature!

Spotify’s recent launch of the “Courses” tab, featuring educational videos certainly made headlines but the stealth introduction of ‘Pod-Tok’, a TikTok-inspired vertical feed for podcast content is poised to be the real game-changer.

With Spotify’s stock soaring 40% this year and doubling in the past 12 months, it’s clear that the streaming giant knows a thing or two about keeping its 600 million listeners hooked.

This ‘Pod-Tok’ feature, seamlessly integrates into the podcast section of the app, allowing users to access a vertical feed of AI-powered, bite-sized clips from podcast episodes, in particular, the most engaging and interesting segments of each episode. The aim? To revolutionize podcast discovery much like TikTok revolutionized music discovery.

There’s more! For the first time, users can view the popularity metrics of their favorite podcasts, layering a trend-driven approach to discoverability and user engagement. The implications of this development are significant, as Spotify leverages its extensive library, data-driven playlists, and now, user engagement to reclaim its throne as the #1 destination for music (& podcast) discovery.