Athleisure Elevated: Revolutionizing CX in the Fashion Industry

Author: Andrea Okonkwo

The fashion industry, particularly the athleisure segment, has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, driven by consumers’ growing preference for comfort, style, and functionality in their apparel. A leading player in this space, renowned for its high-quality yoga pants and sports apparel, faced a unique challenge in maintaining its renowned customer experience while scaling rapidly worldwide. This challenge called for a commitment to quality and style and a lifestyle where ‘Sweat. Smile. Repeat.’ becomes the guiding principle, ensuring every customer interaction embodies this spirited ethos.

The Challenge: Balancing Premium Service with Explosive Growth

This company, a trailblazer blending athletic functionality with fashion-forward designs, has become synonymous with top-tier yoga and fitness wear. Its product range, celebrated for signature moisture-wicking, form-fitting yoga pants and an array of stylish, versatile workout gear, has garnered a loyal customer base worldwide. However, the company’s rapid global expansion brought unforeseen challenges, particularly in scaling its customer service operations to match its growing footprint.

As the brand’s popularity soared, so did the demands on its customer service. This surge tested the company’s capacity to maintain its high standards of personalized service, a cornerstone of its brand identity. The influx of customer inquiries and support tickets resulted in elongated response times and decreased service quality. Customers, accustomed to prompt and tailored interactions, started experiencing delays and a noticeable decline in the personal touch that had set the company apart in the competitive athleisure market.

Faced with these challenges, the company recognized the need for a strategic overhaul in its customer support structure: “As we navigated this unprecedented surge in customer interactions, it became clear that maintaining the high standard of our personalized service required a partner who could adapt quickly and resonate with our brand’s values. That’s when we turned to Hugo, confident in their reputation for excellence in customer support,” remarked Jordan Matthews, Senior Director of Customer Engagement.

Hugo has brought an incredible team of customer service professionals into our fold…it's as if they've been part of our brand from the beginning!

The Solution: Hugo’s Tailored Customer Support Transformation

Hugo’s approach was designed to seamlessly integrate with the company’s ethos, ensuring the preservation of the brand’s distinct identity in every customer interaction.

Rapid Team Mobilization: In two weeks, Hugo successfully assembled a specialized team meticulously chosen for their proficiency in handling customer queries specific to the fashion industry. Alongside technical training, empathy was emphasized, empowering the team to connect with customers on a deeply personal level. This, combined with immersion in the brand’s culture, ensured that every interaction aligned with and felt genuinely connected to the company’s values of wellness, mindfulness, and the pursuit of an active, balanced lifestyle.

The support team’s scalability was crucial in response to the brand’s rapid growth. Within the first two months of Hugo’s involvement, the team expanded by 50%. This scalability was essential to handle increasing customer inquiries without sacrificing service quality. The ability to scale swiftly and effectively ensured that the high customer service standards were maintained, even as the number of interactions grew.

Customized Training Program: A comprehensive, tailor-made training program was central to Hugo’s strategy. This program went beyond standard customer service protocols, delving deep into product knowledge, brand history, and the brand’s unique narrative. The training also meticulously focused on mastering the brand’s distinct tone of voice. As a result, communications from Hugo’s team were indistinguishable from those of the company’s in-house team, ensuring that interactions were informative and efficient and seamlessly aligned with the brand’s loyal customer base.

Technology-Driven Support: Hugo implemented a state-of-the-art omnichannel support system that seamlessly manages inquiries across email, chat, and social media platforms, ensuring a consistent and responsive service experience. Hugo’s adoption of cutting-edge technology also included analytics tools to monitor service quality and customer satisfaction, enabling continuous improvement in service delivery.

Advanced Analytics and Continuous Improvement: Hugo didn’t stop at implementation. They employed advanced analytics to track key performance indicators, using this data to drive continuous improvements in service quality. Key tools in their arsenal included using Salesforce CRM to manage customer interactions and feedback, Tableau for data visualization and trend analysis, and Google Analytics for tracking customer journeys and behavior on digital platforms. This approach allowed for agile adjustments to the support strategy, ensuring that the customer experience evolved with the brand’s growth and changing customer needs.

“Our collaboration with Hugo has brought an incredible team of customer service professionals into our fold…it’s as if they’ve been part of our brand from the beginning! Hugo’s ability to understand and amplify our brand voice has truly been pivotal.” shared Matthews.

Key Metrics and Results

  • Enhanced Response Efficiency: The collaboration with Hugo led to a remarkable improvement in response times. Initially averaging 12 hours, response times were reduced to under 3 hours. This significant decrease in response time was pivotal in enhancing overall customer satisfaction and maintaining the brand’s reputation for prompt and efficient customer service.
  • Elevated Customer Satisfaction: A core metric in any customer service operation is the customer satisfaction score (CSAT). The implementation of Hugo’s tailored solutions saw this crucial metric averaging 96% in Q2 2023. This increase reflects Hugo’s effective integration of empathy and deep product knowledge in customer interactions. It demonstrates a service that meets and exceeds customer expectations, fostering a positive perception of the brand and encouraging customer loyalty.
  • Higher First Contact Resolution: Hugo’s targeted efforts increased the first contact resolution (FCR) rate, climbing from 50% to 85%. This strongly indicates Hugo’s ability to effectively address and resolve customer queries in the initial interaction, streamlining the support process due to the comprehensive training.


In partnership with Hugo, the client successfully navigated the challenges of rapid growth while upholding its commitment to exceptional customer service. This collaboration reinforced the brand’s position as a fashion industry leader and showcased the transformative impact of a well-executed customer support strategy.

Matthews reiterates: “Our journey with Hugo has been transformative, to say the least.” Hugo’s customized approach went beyond merely addressing the immediate challenges in customer service. It established a resilient framework designed to support sustainable growth and adapt to the evolving demands of a dynamic consumer base.