November 15, 2023

Unpacking Content Moderation Outsourcing Trends

Author: Georgia-lorene MacEbong

A Curation of Outsourcing Trends in the Trust and Safety Market

In the digital epoch, the production of user-generated content has increased rapidly, unveiling a spectrum of opportunities and challenges for online platforms. As businesses strive for a safe digital ambiance, the lens focuses on effective content moderation, highlighting it as an essential pillar of Trust and Safety.

The call for expertise and cost-efficiency drives a rising trend towards outsourcing content moderation. Through several resources, this curated article delves into the dynamics of content moderation outsourcing, sustainable sourcing practices, and market growth projections, shedding light on the evolving landscape. We have drawn perspective from business consultants at Morgan Lewis, the team of experts at Everest Group, and market researchers at The Brainy Insights on fostering a balanced and robust content moderation framework to ensure a safer digital interaction landscape.

What’s Inside:

  • Emerging Market Trend: An Overview of Content Moderation Outsourcing – an article by Morgan Lewis (3min read)
  • Sustainable Moderation: The “Impact” Of “Sourcing” On Trust & Safety – a webinar by Everest Group(1 hour)
  • Content Moderation Solutions Market Report – a report by The Brainy Insights (10+min read)

Ready to unravel these curious insights? Let’s delve deeper!

Emerging Market Trend: An Overview of Content Moderation Outsourcing → Read Here


This article discusses the trend of content moderation outsourcing, driven by the surge in user-generated content on social media. In 2022, the content moderation market was valued at $13 billion, with solutions comprising 58% of the market. Studies show that the on-cloud segment was predominant, as it was adopted by 69% of companies for off-site moderation.

Outsourcing offers cost-effectiveness and expertise, promoting streamlined moderation and scalability as platforms grow. However, challenges like data privacy and cultural differences necessitate careful planning. As highlighted by this insightful piece, fostering a structured yet adaptable relationship with outsourcing entities, along with regular audits, can ensure alignment with the platform’s moderation goals significantly as this market expands.

Sustainable Moderation: The “Impact” Of “Sourcing” On Trust & Safety → Watch Here


This on-demand webinar explores the critical role of human moderators in ensuring online platform safety amid the surging demand for content moderation. As organizations extend their talent search to emerging geographies, adopting sustainable sourcing practices becomes crucial for Trust and Safety in content moderation. This session sheds light on the intertwined nature of sustainable sourcing, moderator wellbeing, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) priorities for companies.

The discussion, led by experts Rita N Soni and Abhijnan Dasgupta, delves into why sustainability principles are essential in content moderation, the impact of sustainable sourcing practices on content moderation, and the significance of moderator wellbeing for organizational ESG policies. This is a must-watch for heads of Trust and Safety, Content Moderation, Human Resources, Sustainability, and Outsourcing, along with Global Sourcing Managers and BPO leaders. The session aims to provide these professionals with insightful takeaways on enhancing trust and safety through sustainable content moderation practices.

Content Moderation Solutions Market Report → Read Here


This report forecasts the global content moderation solutions market to grow from $13 billion in 2022 to $40.37 billion by 2032, with a CAGR of 12% from 2023-2030, driven by the surge in user-generated content on various platforms. It states that cost-effective outsourcing and advancements in AI technology for real-time moderation present substantial growth opportunities.

However, the report emphasizes that the high cost of sophisticated moderation solutions and the need for standard moderation guidelines across different regions pose challenges in this market. The insights in this report are beneficial for Trust and Safety professionals, as well as Marketing and Human Resources managers across the industry.


The crescendo of user-generated content underscores the urgent need for proficient content moderation. Outsourcing emerges as a viable option, offering a blend of expertise and cost-efficiency. As highlighted in these resources, the journey towards effective moderation is intertwined with sustainable sourcing and embracing technological advancements.

Understanding the fiscal dynamics is pivotal as you contemplate outsourcing content moderation. Use our simple ROI calculator to estimate the potential cost savings, or contact our team today to learn more!