November 3, 2023

Why Dedicated Outsourcing Agents Outperform Flex Agents

Author: Sainna Christian

When looking to outsource business processes like customer support or data services, a commonly asked question in 2023 is whether to use dedicated or flex agents. With dedicated agents, staff are fully allocated to a single client account. In contrast, flex agents switch between handling multiple client accounts.

Although many outsourcing providers rely on flex agents as their default staffing model—often because it requires less upfront investment in hiring and allows them to support fluctuating demand across accounts— dedicated agents offer significant advantages that can significantly benefit your business:

More Consistent Service Quality

With agents constantly bouncing between different accounts, it’s difficult for them to fully master any single client’s needs, leading to inconsistent and lower-quality service. The same personnel handles your volume daily with dedicated agents, enabling them to deeply understand your business, processes, and customers and consistently deliver high-quality service.

Less Agent Churn

Lower churn reduces the time it takes to train new hires. It helps you retain institutional knowledge that improves over time. Agents on flexible assignments frequently transition due to a limited affiliation with a singular client. High churn harms your team’s overall output. It has increased the demand for dedicated agents fully invested in your account’s success.

Better Customer Relationships

Phone support agents build rapport and trust with regular customers they speak to daily. However, flex agents sometimes need help to form meaningful relationships since they constantly interact with different customers. They often cannot remember the name of a customer who places them well, often giving the impression that they are just another customer. Dedicated agents make delivering personalized service to every new and frequent customer easier.

More Seamless Collaboration

Collaborating cross-functionally is much smoother when your outsourcing partner’s team works on your account 100% of the time. Whether working with your in-house staff or other outsourced functions, dedicated agents integrate more tightly as one team.

Enhanced Focus & Accountability

When agents support multiple clients, the focus is fragmented, and accountability is diluted. But dedicated agents’ singular focus on your brand enables laser-like concentration on your business goals. And there’s clear accountability when objectives are missed (or exceeded!).

Greater Agility & Customization

Dedicating personnel entirely to you provides greater flexibility to customize processes to your needs. Flex staff juggling multiple accounts need more bandwidth to tailor services. Dedicated agents can pivot faster as your needs change.

Deeper Domain Expertise

Generalist flex agents acquire only surface-level familiarity with each vertical they service. But dedicated agents rapidly build deep domain expertise in your specific industry, given complete immersion in your day-to-day operations – it’s just like an in-house team but without the overhead costs.

Better Data Security

With dedicated staff, there is zero risk of accidental data bleed across client accounts, which can occur when flex agents toggle between systems. Keeping your data ultra-secure with an agent workforce exclusively handling your account is easier.

At Hugo, we understand the immense value of dedicated agents. We have seen first-hand how this model leads to better consistency, tighter customer relationships, more profound expertise, and an overall increase in cost savings. Our decision to only utilize dedicated staffing stems from witnessing the vastly superior outcomes it delivers. Book a demo with us for more insight on how we provide exceptional value to our clients.

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